2020 Build

Michigan City New Dispatch

Welcome to our 2020 Home Build!

7/17/2020 Village Supply in LaPorte teamed up with Dewalt and replaced all of our stolen kit. We cannot thank you enough Village Supply Inc!

Village Supply Inc.
710 Boyd Blvd, La Porte, IN 46350


7/13/2020 Devastated that vandals have broken into our property and stolen tools needed to keep building our latest home in Michigan City.  

5/4/2020 We have started to build our largest home to date a 4 bedroom, split level home for the Jacksons; a family of 6 who have worked hard for two years to meet the requirements for a Habitat home. Homes are a ‘hand up, not a hand out’. The family ‘partners’ with Habitat to build alongside you. If you want to give-back to your community, we welcome you to volunteer – all levels of skill are needed – we can find something for everyone. Step up and come for a day – bring your friends. Everyone has something to offer. This is one way to help a family in-need and improve your community at the same time.

Click here to contact Amanda and apply to volunteer! 


This is the largest home LaPorte Habitat have built. We appeal to local business to come forward with donations of new materials and for individuals to contribute time and money. This is a big project. We need your support now more than ever.


It’s ground breaking!